NL2320 Deco, Black

NL2320 Deco, Black

The Deco is a fabulous city sauna for 3-4 persons, designed for your deck, balcony, penthouse sky deck, back yard. The Northern Luxury NL2320 Deco is a true Finnish sauna designed with decades of experience in Finland. The black version is absolutely elegant and might be more inconspicuous than the white one. The sauna bathing quality in this sauna is excellent. It has an incredible set of features: the right materials, the dimensions, the ventilation, the heater. You won't feel claustrophobic with the large window area.

We can modify the sauna features and colours, also the choice of the heater type, in collaboration with you. Contact us now for more info!

Light system
Precio habitual €22.300,00
  • Transporte gratuito a España y dentro de la UE.
Impuesto incluido.

Why choose the Northern Luxury Deco sauna over other manufacturers models?

1. Buying a sauna is not only about the product, it is about the service. We have the experience to walk you through.

2. We have a 3-decade experience, each detail is carefully considered.

3. The materials are top quality. There are no compromises, we choose each material to make the sauna the best it can be.

4. We listen to you, we have a conversation with you, we fulfill your requests. Your sauna is unique to you.

Manufacturer: Northern Luxury Sauna

Length: 272 cm, Depth: 260 cm, Height: 230 cm

Wall outside dimensions: Width 230 cm, depth 200 cm, height 230 cm.
Roof overhang: Front 40 cm, back 20 cm, sides 20 cm.
Total overall dimensions: 272 x 260 x h230 cm.
The overhangs you can request be made smaller in case you install the sauna against another building or wall.

Weight: 1200 kg

Sauna heater model: Sawo TH6-105Ni-P, power 10,5 kW.
Control panel: Sawo Innova 2.0.
The sauna can be modified to have a wood burning heater, or another type of electrical heater than the Sawo TH6.

Included with the sauna:
* Air ventilation fan
* Sauna lamp
* Thermometer
* Pail
* Ladle
* Sauna heater control unit
* Electrical cabling
* Heater stones
* LED lights

Wall paneling: Alder
Bench surfaces: Thermo Aspen
Outside wall surfaces: weather proof composite plate

General maintenance instructions

NL2320 Deco installation instructions

The heater control panel can be made to be installed on either side, even inside, or with a longer cable to a location other than the sauna. A Huum wifi control unit can be connected, and thus an app can be used to control the sauna.
The Deco sauna does not have its own floor, but it is set up on a ready surface, onto which an aluminium base frame is laid, and then the wall sections on top of that. The base frame can be bolted down. The outside surfaces of the walls are a composite materia that is durable against the elements.

Note that the saunas are manufactured to order, and thus the order lead time is c. 5-7 weeks. Freight time to Finland and Sweden is c. 3 days and to elsewhere in Europe c. 1 week. Freight for other countries will vary and we will communicate with you about the progress. With special order saunas can be air freighted.
Package size: 270 x 140 x height 170 cm

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