NL1512 Aura-Sauna

NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna
NL1512 Aura-Sauna

NL1512 Aura-Sauna

Diese Sauna ist deutlich komfortabler als jede kleinere Sauna der Aura-Saunafamilie. Es verfügt über die Rückenlehne, die 50 cm hohe obere Bank und viel Fußraum auf der unteren Bank. Sie werden das Saunabaden in vollen Zügen genießen. Hier kann das größere, leistungsstärkere Heizgerät gewählt werden, wenn Sie über den passenden Stromanschluss verfügen.

Saunagröße: 152 cm x 120 cm (Höhe 203 cm). Rahmengröße 150x118 cm.
Gewicht ca. 310 kg.
Standardheizgerättyp: Sawo MX-36NS, Leistung 3,6 kW, Anschluss an 230 V mit einer 16-A-Sicherung, wir empfehlen jedoch das leistungsstärkere Heizgerät NR-45NS, 4,5 kW, wenn Sie einen 400-V-3-Phasen-Stromanschluss haben.

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Why choose this Northern Luxury sauna over other manufacturers models?

1. Buying a sauna is not only about the product, it is about the service. We have the experience to walk you through.

2. Each detail is considered, function, equipment, dimensions, structures.

3. The materials are top quality. There are no compromises, we choose each material to make the sauna the best it can be.

4. We listen to you, we have a conversation with you, we fulfill your requests. Your sauna is unique to you.

Manufacturer: Northern Luxury Sauna

Width: 242 cm, Depth: 200 cm, Height: 215 cm

Weight: 550 kg

Heater: Sawo SAV-105NS, which has 10,5 kW power, is connected to 3 phase 400V connection.
Control unit: Sawo Innova 2.0 Classic, with the control panel located in your chosen location that is most convenient in your case.

Lighting system: A lamp, installed under the benches on the back wall. Additionally a LED spotlight kit is available to be installed under the front edge of the upper bench and behind the backrest.

Air ventilation: An air fan is included, that is located on the roof, pushing air into the sauna, and thus the sauna is independent from the building ventilation. Optionally if available, you can connect the sauna directly to your building ventilation system for extraction of air from that same opening on the roof.

Electrical cabling: Included with the sauna are electrical cables (H07RN-F, 5x2,5mm2) and a connection box. A licensed electrician must be contracted to make any and all electrical installation work, Saunastore does not take any responsibility for any of your electrical installation work.

Standard accessories: With the sauna are included heater stones, pail, ladle, thermometer, air fan, sauna lamp.

Wall paneling: Alder
Benches: heat treated Aspen
Glass: Tempered 8 mm glass

Note that the saunas are manufactured to order, and thus the order lead time is c. 5-6 weeks. Freight time to Finland and Sweden is c. 3 days and to elsewhere in Europe c. 1 week. Freight for other countries will vary and we will communicate with you about the progress. With special order saunas can be air freighted.

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