Huum Cliff Mini

Huum Cliff Mini
Huum Cliff Mini
Huum Cliff Mini
Huum Cliff Mini

Huum Cliff Mini

Huum Cliff Mini Sauna heater is very elegant in design and will surely be the focal point of your sauna. The power is only 3,5 kW, which means that this is suitable only for very small saunas, but the benefit that if you only have a one phase electrical connection with 230V 16A, then this is the right sauna heater model for you.

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A convenient small sauna heater for small saunas, without any compromise in how great it looks and how much stones it has. The Cliff Mini is a great high quality sauna heater for your small sauna.

Fabricant : Huum

Width: 270 mm, Depth: 160 mm, Height: 925 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Stone capacity: 60 kg
The stones available from Huum for this heater are special small sized stones.
Recommended sauna size: 3,5 - 6 m³

Safety distance to burning materials: 60 mm

Huum heaters are presented with rounded stones, that have a benefit of creating less dust and better air circulation, but just as well regular heater stones can be used, that have a benefit of a lower cost.

Stainless steel

Remove the stones from the heater once per year, for inspection, replace any broken stones or stones with calcium or other deposit, and re-insert the stones carefully.

Ships out from warehouse normally within 1-2 days of the order.

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