Bath robes

Bath robes

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    Lapuan Kankurit bathrobes are the best performing

    Lapuan Kankurit Terva bathrobe is the primary product, we propose to you, for active and high quality sauna enjoyment. The Terva is made from a fabric called Tencel and has ecologic wood fiber mixed with the linen. Other products have linen mixed with cotton. The fabric holds moisture extremely well and thus very comfortable, as it absorbs moisture away from your skin. Compared to cotton, the linen based bathrobes are lighter in weight but superior in all aspects. Enjoy the luxury of Lapuan Kankurit bathrobes. They are an excellent Christmas gift.

    Bath robes made of high quality materials

    All Lapuan Kankurit bathrobes and waist towels are made from a linen based fabric that absorbs moisture exceptionally well. The linen terry fabric feels coarse when new, but softens with use and wash cycles. The Terva bathrobe is already soft when new, it is made of wood fiber consisting Tencel fabric. Tencel is a modern technical fabric developed specifically to have excellent performance while being natural and eco-friendly. You can trust to have made an excellent purchase with these products.

    3 products
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