Frequently Asked - Saunastore policies

Wood materials that we use are not from endangered species or illegal loggings. We expect high ethics from our suppliers. Our customers can be sure that our products have not harmed our common nature. We only use high quality materials in our products and products that we distribute, which ensures a long lifespan, and this ensures that you have made a the right investment in buying from us.

Claims are actually quite rare, as we really strive to do things right the first time, as claims are not fun for us nor you. If a claim is made, we make an effort to process it immediately, and to find a solution that is satisfactory to you. Claims need to be made in writing. Saunastore does not cover any of your costs related to the claims or warranty process, and the maximum liability of Saunastore is limited to the price you paid for the product.

We retain the right to inspect and verify the defaults you declare to exist in the product. We may ask you to take pictures of the damages and describe how you found the damages, or what happened. We may consult the manufacturer or a third party expert, and therefore the process may take some time, depending on the nature of the fault. Depending on the nature of the fault, we retain the right to supply to you replacement parts instead of replacing the whole product. For example if a plank of wood in a sauna is damaged, we will send you a new piece instead of a whole sauna. We may request you to return the damaged part to us. Before sending a product back to us under warranty for repair, we will try to analyze the problem. If no fault is found, we retain the right to charge the direct expenses from you, including shipping and packing costs and inspection costs. Any products not under warranty returned for service or repair, will be charged the service cost and shipping cost based on actual experienced costs. Certain products require professional expertise to be installed. If a product has been damaged due to improper installation or handling, the warranty does not cover those damages. Generally unless specifically instructed by us, any dismantling or modification of a product voids the warranty. Your sole remedy is a refund.