Sauna thermometers and sandtimers

Sauna thermometers and sandtimers

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    Sauna meters decorate your sauna and give data

    Think how easy it is to transform the feeling of your sauna. When entering the sauna, attention is often first drawn to such small details, that stand out. Change your thermometer hanging on your sauna wall and change the way your sauna looks and feels by that small act. The investment is not large, and it's worth it.

    Choose a sauna meter to fit your sauna

    The Sawo thermometers have a dial showing the temperature and another one showing the humidity. There are various designs of the frame and various options of the wood and interesting decorations. Just note that the hygrometers are not very accurate in these meters, they are just interesting and show an estimate of the value. The sand timers are truly interesting and fun, but we recommend to listen to your body to determine when you have stayed in the sauna long enough.

    10 products
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