Small sauna heaters

Small sauna heaters

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    Sauna heaters for small saunas

    For a small sauna you will need a small sauna heater, and conversely a small sauna heater is only suitable to a small sauna. With this correct sauna size balance, the sauna bathing is excellent, just as good as in a large sauna and the sauna steam will be full and satisfying.

    Sauna heater with 230V 16A wall outlet power

    These sauna heaters can be connected to a one phase 230V electrical connection. With a fuse size of16A, the max power can be 3,6 kW. A sauna heater that has a small amount of stones will heat up faster and has smaller dimensions, but a heater that has a large amount of stones ensures very good sauna steam available even if the heater can't raise the temperature of the sauna to a very high level. So what is the right solution, and the right compromise for you: small heater that perfectly fits in your small sauna or a large quantity of rocks to guarantee the sauna steam?

    10 products
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