Floor standing sauna heaters

Floor standing sauna heaters

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    Floor standing sauna heaters from Sawo and Huum make the löyly

    Floor standing sauna heaters from Sawo and Huum are excellent for mid-to-large size saunas, even though we have floor standing models for small saunas as well. The large quantity of stones allows for a larger quantity of steam. The steam is softer, more moist and not so hot, as the heat from the sauna heater is radiated from the very large total surface area of all the rocks. Löyly is the Finnish word for the sauna steam.

    Pillar type sauna heaters reduce temperature layering

    The heaters are tall which allows the heated air to evenly pass through the heater at various levels, which reduces the temperature gradients in the sauna, where the hot air is only at the ceiling level and cool air at the floor level. If you wish to have high amount of steam, these sauna heaters are able to deliver.

    22 products
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