Frequently Asked - About the Order Process

It depends how much time has passed from your order. Normally within 24 hours it is possible. After that changes to sauna orders cause production to be stopped and all kinds of problems, and then there are costs involved, and this is generally not possible. In case of stocked items changes may be possible before the order has shipped, but you need to contact us and we need to reply we have noted your request, before anything happens.

Sauna accessories and heaters delivery time varies from 2 days to c. 14 days depending on the location.
Your sauna is manufactured after your order, uniquely for you. The production time is 4-6 weeks, after which the delivery time will depend on your location. Delivery to Finland or Sweden takes about 3 days, elsewhere in Europe about 7 days. Overseas deliveries are normally seafreight, and in unique cases air freight may be possible to arrange.

Accessories and small sauna heaters are are sent as postal boxes, and local delivery may have various solutions. Larger heaters may be freighted on a wood pallet.

The sauna is freighted by truck in continental Europe, and by sea to other locations. In case of truck freight a small sauna is packed on a small pallet with the wall parts upright. A large sauna is packed flat on a pallet, so the pallet is much bigger. For overseas shipments the package may be a wood box.
The freight company delivers the package to your driveway or to your building street door. The package needs to be unpacked outside and parts carried inside one-by-one. The driver will not provide that service. The package has some screws to unscrew with a TX25 head.

Please contact us, via email or phone. Let us know your order number and what you ordered, your name and contact information, and what is the problem. In case of damage, take some pictures immediately of the exterior of the package, and if you notice the damage while opening the package, then immediately pictures of that. We will help to sort it out.

Saunas are always made uniquely to you to your order, and so there is no possibility to return them. Other stocked products can be returned at your freight cost and in certain products with an inspection and restocking fee reduced from the refund.