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    Outdoor sauna in the backyard, convenience and luxury

    Imagine that, you can have a sauna to enjoy as often as you wish, right at your home. The positive experiences communicated by Joe Rogan and Rhonda Patrick and others about how the sauna benefits and has benefitted their health and lives, how it builds resilience and increases your knowledge of your body. The sauna is known, and proven so, to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of cardiovasculary diseases such as heart attack. We are also absolutely convinced a sauna is a worthwhile investment in terms of adding value to your property.

    Northern Luxury DECO Outdoor sauna is prebuilt ready to install

    The Northern Luxury Deco collection of outdoor saunas represents saunadesign for the city, for modern built environments, as a distinction from the cabinlike designs of traditional small outdoor saunas. The Northern Luxury DECO sauna's were designed to be placed on a backyard deck, on a concrete platform, or other prepared base. They are light structures that often do not require a building permit, but you need to check your case. Your sauna is manufactured to your order, and after delivery the installation takes 1-2 days. Electrical installation must be done locally by an electrician. Make the sauna part of your and your family daily life. The freight is included in the price within the EU.

    4 products
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