Wood burning sauna heaters

Wood burning sauna heaters

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    Wood burning sauna heaters are the soul of sauna

    Sauna is about relaxation, relieving stress, the health of both your body and mind. The burning flame works on these things just like magic! You begin relieving your thoughts overload already when you start the fire, then concentrate on feeding it to get it larger. The flame is unique, it never repeats and you need to take care of it, it is living. It has a sound and a smell, it gives light, but you need to respect its heat.

    Wood burning sauna heaters are more robust than electrical heaters

    The power of a wood heater is typically surprisingly high. Huum Hive sauna heaters have a large amount of stones and they are made of high quality materials. Huum gives a 5 year warranty. Note the Hive Heat has cast iron door and a German certification. These sauna heaters are a great choice for your sauna.

    3 products
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