Wall attached sauna heaters

Wall attached sauna heaters

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    Convenient and inexpensive wall attached sauna heaters

    Wall attached sauna heaters are the most popular sauna heater type. In a compact sauna there is not much space to make the sauna benches into complex configurations, so the normal form is a straight upper saunabench, a straight lower saunabench, and a wall attached sauna heater in front.

    The benefits are easy installation, easy floor cleaning

    A wall attached sauna heater is off the floor, and thus cleaning the floor is the easiest. The quantity of rocks is not huge, so the rocks will heat up quite quickly and thus the sauna will also heat up quickly if the heater power is correctly chosen. The stone quantity is still enough for enjoyable sauna steam in a small sauna. These heaters are most popular in most saunas accross the world, so when the time comes to replace your current sauna heater, or if you are building a basic sauna, here are some great options for you.

    4 products
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