Sauna bench covers

Sauna bench covers

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    Lapuan Kankurit sauna bench cloths are timeless

    Lapuan Kankurit are very good at creating textures for their sauna textiles, such as these sauna bench cloths, that stand the time with their earthy colours and low contrast shapes. They weave the fabrics  at their own production from the finest threads, and the result is products that are famous for their durability in use. The quality is immediately perceptable, in feel and by how they look. Linen cloths are very absorbent, it is important to use them in the sauna for hygiene purpose, and it makes keeping the benches clean much easier.

    Linen based bench sheets are extremely absorbent

    The Lapuan Kankurit bench covers are made from linen based fabric that is extremely absorbent. The textures are woven into the fabric, they are not printed, which makes a huge difference in the quality. There is no comparing them to cotton sheets. These products are fully suitable to be used as hand towels, as table cloths, and as well excellent as drying towels in the kitchen.

    11 products
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