Heater control systems

Heater control systems

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    Sauna electric heater control systems

    It is a pleasure to remotely turn on the sauna heater, adjust the temperature and program the time. The great benefit of such a sauna control unit is that it will heat the sauna to the wanted temperature and then keep it precisely. Another benefit is the temperature display where you will easily and precisely see the current inside temperature of the sauna.

    Various controls, from local connection to wireless wi-fi mobile app

    These control units all do the same thing, they allow you to adjust and manage the sauna heater. But the choice is to do it locally or wirelessly from your mobile phone. Both Sawo Saunova and Innova controls, and the Huum UKU can be connected to any heater that does not have the control electronics already built in. Can be connected to 230V 1-phase connection. These can be connected to a house automation system.

    4 products
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