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Sauna heaters

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How to identify the best sauna heaters

The sauna heater is the focal point of any real Finnish sauna. What is required for a sauna heater to be very good, even great? It must look great which comes from considerate design, it must be made from durable materials for sustainability and long term use, it must have great functionality, where air is passing through the heater for it to heat up the sauna, and it must have a sufficient quantity of stones to permit to generate enough steam.

Sawo and Huum are innovative heater manufacturers

The Sawo sauna heaters have a great cost to quality ratio, there is an extremely wide selection of models, with several power versions in each model. This is why we have been long term partners with Sawo. Huum is a younger company, but very smart and innovative. Huum sauna heaters are different from other manufacturers products due to their award winning design, all their products are designed as part of a product family. Huum sauna heaters have very professional design, are made of high quality materials and components.

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