Sawo 2.0 Built-In sauna control

Sawo 2.0 Built-In sauna control

Sawo all-in-one integrated sauna heater control unit for sauna heaters that do not have any electronics inside. This unit has the control panel on the front cover and all the power electronics inside the box.

The differerence between the Saunova 2.0 and the Innova 2.0:

* Saunova has simpler features, lower power rating, and simpler components, thus lower cost.

* Innova has higher power rating, robust components, and optional features.

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Consider adding these:

The set includes:
* Integrated Contactor box + User control panel
* Temperature sensor with cable
Power cables are not included.

Manufacturer: Sawo

Depth: 80 mm

Width: 320 mm

Height: 270 mm

* Saunova 2.0 Built-In : For all NS Heaters 2.3-9 kW
(basic: SAU-B-V2 / with combi and fan control: SAU-B-CF-V2)
* Innova 2.0 Built-In: For all NS Heaters 2.3-15 kW
(basic: INC-B-V2 / with dimmer and fan control: INC-B-DF-V2)
(basic combi version: INC-B-C-V2 / combi with dimmer and fan: INC-B-CDF-V2)

To connect a more powerful heater, add an additional contactor unit.
For Saunova: SAU-PS-V2, for 9-18 kW heaters
For Innova: INP-S-V2, for 15-28 kW heaters

»» Smart Controlling -feature
»» Compatible with Door Sensor

Temperature: 10° - 110°C
Voltage: 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~
Session Time selection: 4h, 6h, 12h, 18h, 24h

Ships out normally within 1-2 days from order.

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