Sawo 2.0 Separate sauna control

Sawo 2.0 Separate sauna control

Sawo sauna heater control system that has a control panel which can be installed on a wall where it can be easily accessed, and a separate electronics box. This unit is for sauna heaters that do not have any electronics inside.

The differerence between the Saunova 2.0 and the Innova 2.0:

* Saunova has simpler features, lower power rating, and simpler components, thus lower cost.

* Innova has higher power rating, robust components, and optional features.

The Touch user panel has special weekly programming feature, convenient for public saunas. The Combi - version requires also a Combi- sauna heater.

Control panel
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Consider adding these:

The set includes:
* Contactor box and separate User control panel
* Temperature sensor with cable
* 5m RJ12- datacable
Power cables are not included.

Manufacturer: Sawo

Depth: 80 mm

Width: 320 mm

Height: 270 mm

* Saunova 2.0: For all NS Heaters 2.3-9 kW
* Innova 2.0: For all NS Heaters 2.3-15 kW

To connect a more powerful heater, add an additional contactor unit.
For Saunova: SAU-PS-V2, for 9-18 kW heaters
For Innova: INP-S-V2, for 15-28 kW heaters

Temperature: 10° - 110°C
Voltage: 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~
Session Time selection: 4h, 6h, 12h, 18h, 24h

Features of the Touch panel:
- Compatible with Door Sensor
- Timer for weekly sessions
- Power consumption counter
- Can be connected to household automation system

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