NL2420 Sella hybrid sauna

Why choose this Northern Luxury sauna over other manufacturers models?

1. We are giving you the benefit of all our experience to find the best solution for you.
2. Each detail is considered: functionality, dimensions, materials, equipment.
3. We want Your sauna to be unique to you. Communication and selection of the solutions is utmost important for us.

Manufacturer: Northern Luxury Sauna

Width: 242 cm, Depth: 200 cm, Height: 215 cm

Weight: 550 kg

Sauna heater: Sawo ARI3-60NS, which has 6 kW power, is connected to 3 phase 400V connection.
Infrared warming panels: 2 pcs Duetto IR panels, connected in series total power c. 400 W , but possible to connect parallel for 2x900W. However we recommend connecting in series first and change to parallel after trials.
Control unit: Sawo Saunova 2.0 or in case of the mobile option, Huum UKU Wifi.

Lighting system: Choose either a lamp, and a wooden shade, installed on the back wall, or a LED spotlight kit is available to be installed in the ceiling.

Air ventilation: An air fan is a standard feature of the sauna, that is located on the roof, to push air into the sauna, and thus the sauna is independent from the building ventilation. Optionally if available, you can connect the sauna directly to your building ventilation system for extraction of air from that same opening on the roof.

Electrical cabling: Included with the sauna are electrical cables (H07RN-F, 5x2,5mm2) and a connection box. All electrical installation work must be done by a licensed electrician. Saunastore does not take any responsibility for any of your electrical installation work.

Standard accessories: With the sauna are included heater stones, pail, ladle, thermometer, and an air fan.

Wall paneling: Alder or Thermoaspen
Bench: Alder, the chairs are Alder
Glass: Tempered 8 mm glass

Note that the saunas are manufactured after the order, and thus the the sauna production time is c. 5-6 weeks. Freight time is dependent on many circumstances and we will keep you up to date about the progress.

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NL2420 Sella hybrid sauna

NL2420 Sella hybrid sauna

VAT is included only in EU countries. In other countries: Your local VAT tax and possible import duty will be added and charged when the sauna arrives to your country.
  • Free freight in the EU
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