Huum Steel sauna heater

Huum Steel sauna heater

Huum Steel has a design that is simple yet timeless. The curved details really soften the shape. Sometimes simple design is the hardest to do, and here Huum has succeeded to not overcomplicate it.

The benefits of the Steel heater:

* Durable stainless steel materials. This heater is the sibling of the Cliff heater.

* Quite a large quantity of rocks, 150 kg, which is perfect for endless steam.

* High quality, attested by warranty given by Huum, 5 years.

Various heater control units can be used with this heater. Also, regular heater stones can be used instead of the rounded stones.

Heater Guard + Flange
Steel heat reflector
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Consider adding these:

Huum Steel is a beautifully simple sauna heater that has small safety distances, so the required space is small. The Steel is easy to fit into various sauna designs and spaces. Note that a separate control unit is needed.

Manufacturer: Huum

Depth: 320 mm

Width: 320 mm

Height: 975 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Stone capacity: 150 kg

Safety distance to inflammable materials like wood:
Steel 6: 50 mm
Steel 9: 100 mm
Steel 10,5: 100 mm

Choose the backside reflector plate when the Huum Steel is placed very close to a wooden wall or sauna bench, and then the plate will reduce the required safety distance to half. The plate is great also for protecting the backside from water splashes and the resulting coloration.

If the Steel is embedded into the lower bench, the maximum lower bench height is 425 mm. Take this into consideration in your sauna plan.

Stainless steel

Remove the stones from the heater once per year, for inspection, replace any broken stones or stones with calcium or other deposit, and re-insert the stones carefully.

Ships out from warehouse normally within 1-2 days of the order.

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