NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna

The NL1216 Sella is most comfortable and enjoyable real sauna ever created for one person! Several excellent features are combined in this high quality sauna. The NL1216 Sella is a hybrid sauna that has both a traditional sauna heater with rocks and infrared heaters.

The benefits are multiple:
1. You will save energy
2. The heat in the sauna is more uniform
3. Even mild heat is fully sufficient for enjoyable sauna bathing
4. Since the heat is not so intense, you can enjoy the sauna in longer

Manufacturer: Northern Luxury Sauna

Width: 123 cm, Depth: 160 cm, Height: 203 cm

Sauna walls surfaces dimensions: 120 cm x 158 cm

Weight: 340 kg

Standard saunaheater model: Sawo MX-30NS, 3.0 kW
Infrared panels, Duetto 2 pcs, connected in series to total 400 W.
Connect to 230V 1-phase with a 16A fuse.
Control unit: Sawo Saunova 2.0

Included with the sauna:
* Saunasella chairs, either 1 pc W120 or 2 pcs W100, W10 footrest
* Duetto Infrared panels 2 pcs
* Air ventilation fan
* Sauna lamp (if no LED lights chosen)
* Thermometer
* Water bucket
* Ladle
* Heater stones

Wall paneling: Alder or Aspen with colouring
Bench surface: Alder
Saunachairs: Alder

NL1516 and NL1216 Sella assembly guide

General maintenance instructions

* Determine first that the electrical connection is suitable, sufficient and safe for this sauna. Consult an electrician, and if needed make the necessary upgrades.
* If you have a shower located right next to the sauna, measure carefully that both the shower and the sauna have enough space, and that functionality and access to other things is not too much obstructed.
* The sauna wall parts are connected from behind, so check you have space in front of the sauna to move it during installation.
* The sauna does not have its own floor, so the room floor must be waterproof to tolerate splashes.
* The sauna is not directly connected to the ventilation, but the room ventilation needs to be sufficient to manage the shower, and thus be efficient.
* If you are unsure about any detail, or if the sauna should need any modifications, please contact us, as we will be glad to help.

Note that the saunas are manufactured to order, and thus the order lead time is c. 4-6 weeks. We will communicate with you about the progress.

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NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna

NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna
NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna

NL1216 Sella hybrid sauna

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