Sawo Aries 3 Wall clear heater

Sawo Aries 3 Wall clear heater

Size 415 x 250 mm, height 1030 mm, with a stone space 65 kg. The Sawo Aries3 Wall is an excellent sauna heater for mid sized saunas, and even small saunas. Very reasonably priced and with many options and variants, the Aries is a great heater for nearly any sauna.

Replace your old wall hanging sauna heater with this great heater that has an optimal amount of stones for producing great sauna steam. The NS-models require a separate control unit. The Huum UKU Wifi can be connected to this model.

Control system
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Sawo Aries Wall -sauna heater is a great choice for a small or mid-sized sauna. It is a pillar heater with space for 65 kg stones. The grid type sauna heater warms the sauna air all the way from the low floor level and gives soft sauna steam.

Manufacturer: Sawo

Width: 415 mm

Depth: 250 mm

Height: 1030 mm

15 kg

When choosing your sauna heater, check the available electrical connection, then choose the heater power according to your room size. We recommend choosing the more powerful sauna heater if you are opining between two.
If your sauna has windows or glass surfaces, or other non-insulated surface like stone or tile, when choosing the sauna heater calculate that each square meter of such will add one extra cubic meter to your sauna in volume.
* Note you can connect the Huum UKU Wifi control unit to this sauna heater, for mobile app control.

Stainless steel

Verify if you have a requirement to attach the heater to the floor. A licensed electrician must do the connections. Be careful in filling the heater with stones, do not push or force the stones.

Typically ships out within 2-3 days of order. Shipment time varies from 2 days in Finland to 4-7 days in elsewhere Europe.

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