Sawo Cubos heater

Sawo Cubos heater

Sawo Cubos is a new modern sauna heater that is very versatile: it can be installed in the center, against a wall or in a corner. With wall and corner installations, a protective plate is added.

Cubos  Ni2 is controlled with a Saunova 2.0 control unit, while the power unit is integrated within the heater. The user panel can be installed inside of the sauna.
Cubos NB has the adjustment knobs directly on the heater, and thus is the basic model.
Cubos NS version you can connect various control systems, such as the Sawon Innova Touch that has a weekly programming function, or the Huum UKU Wifi control system.
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Manufacturer: Sawo

Width: 30 cm

Depth: 30 cm

Height: 93 cm

Weight: 13,5 kg

Stone capacity: 75 kg
Ni2 version: Saunova 2.0 control panel is included
NB version: integrated controls
NS version: separate control unit not included, please select your choice of a control unit from our available models, such as Saunova 2.0 control unit, or a wireless Huum UKU wifi.

Stainless steel

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