Sawo MN NS

Sawo MN NS

Sawo MN NS is a very compact sauna heater, really sleek in design, totally timeless, and great in quality. There are no adjustments on the heater, so a separate control unit is needed.

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Consider adding these:

* Saunastore has been selling the Sawo heaters for over 20 years, we know the product and you can always ask and get professional advice and info on these heaters.
* The Northern Lights / Northern Luxury saunas use Sawo heaters, because they are great.
* The MN (mini) heater model is really flat, so it will fit into very small saunas.
* The materials are durable, stainless steel and similiar tried and tested.
* Sawo has all components available for replacement if needed.

Manufacturer: Sawo

Width: 333 mm

Depth: 210 mm

Height: 450 mm

Weight: c. 5 kg

The NS version does not have any power controls, and must be connected to a control unit.
No electrical cables are included with the heater.
Stone capacity: 11 kg
MN heater has three power versions:
* 2,3 kW to connect to a 230V with a 10A fuse
* 3,0 kW
* 3,6 kW needs a 16A fuse
Choose a larger power if your connection will allow it, to ensure sufficient heating for your sauna.
Can be connected to a 2-phase connection, 230V per phase.
Sawo warranty is 2 years, excluding the resistors (as they are consumables and lifespan will depend on the type of stones and the type of water, as well as lack of maintenance).

Ships out normally within 1-2 days of order.

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