Sawo MN NSF is a very compact sauna heater, really sleek in design, totally timeless, and great in quality. This is for installation on a straight wall. There are no adjustments on the heater, so a separate control unit is needed. The Sawo MN NSF has a beautiful black fiber surface coating that will not become hot to the touch.
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Consider adding these:

* Saunastore has been selling the Sawo heaters for over 20 years, we know the product and you can always ask and get professional advice and info on these heaters.
* The Northern Lights / Northern Luxury saunas use Sawo heaters, because they are great.
* The MN (mini) heater model is really flat, so it will fit into very small saunas.
* The materials are durable, stainless steel and similiar tried and tested.
* Sawo has all components available for replacement if needed.

Manufacturer: Sawo

Width: 333 mm

Depth: 210 mm

Height: 450 mm

Width: 333 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Height: 450 mm

Weight: c. 6 kg

The NS version does not have any power controls, and must be connected to a control unit.
No electrical cables are included with the heater.
Stone capacity: 11 kg
MN heater has three power versions:
* 2,3 kW to connect to a 230V with a 10A fuse
* 3,0 kW
* 3,6 kW needs a 16A fuse
Choose a larger power if your connection will allow it, to ensure sufficient heating for your sauna.
Can be connected to a 2-phase connection, 230V per phase.
Sawo warranty is 2 years, excluding the resistors (as they are consumables and lifespan will depend on the type of stones and the type of water, as well as lack of maintenance).

Outer surface: stainless steel

Sawo MN mini user guide

Can be connected to a 1 or 2 -phase connection, with a 16A fuse in the phases.

Ships out normally within 1-2 days of order.

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