Sawo TH6 Corner heater

Sawo TH6 Corner heater

The Sawo Tower Corner heater is a great choice for any mid sized sauna room, to have a generous sized heater without taking up significant space.

The TH6 Corner is only 415 mm deep, so very compact, but has power versions up to 12 kW for installation into a sauna up to 18 m³ in volume.
The heater is placed into a corner so it takes up minimal space from the bathers. Maximal space saving! No compromise from how great the heater looks or how ample heat and steam it generates.

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Manufacturer: Sawo

Width: 415 mm

Depth: 415 mm

Height: 1395 mm

38 kg

Stone capacity with the spacer 80 kg, without 160 kg.
In choosing your heater, check the available electrical connection, then choose the heater power according to your room size. We recommend choosing the more powerful heater if you are weighing between two.
If your sauna has windows or glass surfaces, or other non-insulated surface like stone or tile, calculate that each square meter of such will add one extra cubic meter to your sauna volume, when choosing the heater.

Stainless steel

Tower heaters have a removable center metal box (called spacer) that allows you to choose the characteristic of your heater: keep it in and heating-up is faster, remove it to fill the heater with stones and enjoy the full endless steam from the larger stone quantity.

Typically ships out within 2-3 days of order. Shipment time varies from 2 days in Finland to 4-7 days in elsewhere Europe.

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